Research opportunity for undergraduates interested in neuroscience and immunology

The emerging role of inflammation in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases is shifting the way we think about diagnosing and treating these conditions. Unfortunately, current approaches to probe immune function in vivo are limited. The Chaney Lab focuses on developing and evaluating novel imaging biomarkers to investigate the inflammatory component of neurodegenerative diseases—an area at the interface of neuroscience, radiology, and immunology. The overall goal is to enhance understanding of the immune system’s role in neurodegenerative diseases and thus improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients. 

The Chaney Lab is interested in working with current undergraduate students seeking a research experience and whose interests may include:

  • Neuroinflammation imaging analysis: quantification of tracer uptake in the brains of rodent models of neurodegeneration using brain atlas techniques.
  • Tracer biodistribution analysis: calculating proportions of tracer binding in organs of animals ex vivo using gamma counting data and autoradiography images.
  • Data handling and analysis: Data record keeping, compiling data, and finalizing for analyses.
  • Data preparation and presentation: Statistical analysis and plotting of data. Opportunity to present at lab meetings.
  • Brain immunohistochemistry: cutting and staining of brains from preclinical models of neurodegeneration to determine levels of pathology and inflammation

For more information, contact Dr. Aisling Chaney, PhD, at