Conference Travel Award

The OUR Conference Travel Award provides financial support to WashU undergraduates to present research virtually or in-person at conferences or symposia. This funding helps provides students with the presentation and networking experience that comes from presenting at a professional meeting.

Students must be nominated for a Conference Travel Award by a faculty mentor. The maximum award is $500 for students with a WashU faculty mentor and $250 for students with a non-WashU faculty mentor.

    Submission Guidelines


    • Open to all continuing WashU undergraduate students.
    • The nominee must be PRESENTING at the conference.
    • Students must be nominated by a faculty mentor in their field of research who has actively engaged in oversight of the research project.
    • Awardees must receive explicit permission to present their findings from their faculty mentor.
    • Priority is given to students pursuing their first conference travel award; however, past recipients may seek a second $250 award.
    • Applications for funding for conference travel that has already taken place will NOT be considered.
    • For research activities involving human subjects, nominees must have received approval from the University's Human Research Protection Office.

    How to Apply

    • Applications are accepted September - May and are due the first of the month. ¬†Applicants should apply at least two weeks prior to their conference dates. For instance, if you plan to attend a conference in the first two weeks of November, you should apply by the October 1st¬†deadline.
    • Students submit an information form, a 1-2 page Research Summary, their Conference Presentation Abstract, and an Itemized Budget and Budget Narrative justifying expenses.
    • Mentors will submit a letter of nomination.

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