Support Undergraduate Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) relaunched in Fall 2022 under the auspices of the Arts & Sciences Strategic Plan, which emphasizes undergraduate students’ access to high-impact experiential learning opportunities. In partnership with students (e.g., the WashU Research Ambassadors Program), faculty (e.g., the Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee), and departments and programs across the institution, the OUR is currently collaborating to establish a new vision for undergraduate research at WashU, to guide the expansion and enhancement of programming and resources for undergraduate researchers and those who mentor and support them. To learn about our accomplishments to date and aspirations for the future, explore our detailed reorganization timeline.

To support these expansion efforts, the OUR warmly welcome gifts of any size. We would love to connect with alumni who experienced the impact of undergraduate research and invite you to contact our team, both to learn more about the OUR's plans to increase capacity and to share the story of your own undergraduate research journey. Potential donors may also reach out to the OUR's Advancement partner, John Nahon (, to discuss their interest in bolstering undergraduate research at WashU.

Donations can be made electronically through WashU's Gifts page. Donors can provide unrestricted gifts for "Undergraduate Research," or they can designate funds for specific purposes, such as:

Thank you for partnering with the OUR to support undergraduate research at WashU!