Gomez-Lopez Lab Seeks UG Researchers

The Gomez-Lopez Lab invites undergraduate students interested in maternal-fetal immunology to inquire about for-credit research opportunities. In our wet lab, we conduct experiments involving mice and human samples. Undergraduates will play a crucial role in supporting these endeavors by recording and organizing data, preparing it for presentation during laboratory meetings. Additionally, they will assist in the preparation of solutions/buffers and other assigned laboratory tasks. We are also interested in applicants with a background in computational biology or those eager to learn more about it. Depending on their commitment level, their activities may vary. All participants are encouraged to contribute to scientific manuscripts.

As above, applicants seeking academic credit for undergraduate research are welcome (all paid positions are currently full). We are looking for students interested becoming familiar with translational sciences and applying to MD or MD/PhD programs in the long term. An interest in computational biology is also desired but not required. We welcome candidates who are eager to learn and grow in the field of maternal-fetal immunology. Please submit a resume including your interest to Dr. Gomez-Lopez at nardhy@wustl.edu