Research Opportunities Available Immediately in WashU School of Medicine Labs

The laboratories of Dr. Kenneth Remy (WashU Departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics) and Dr. Richard Hotchkiss (WashU Department of Anesthesiology) have immediate openings for two students to conduct research in their collaborative laboratories. 

Drs. Remy and Hotchkiss study sepsis, COVID-19 disease, and a number of diseases that dysregulate the innate and adaptive immune system. They utilize both animal models (mouse) and human samples. The students will learn how to perform immune phenotyping of patient/mice samples using an ELISpot laboratory test and learn additional methods including flow cytometry. Additionally, there may be opportunities to learn biochemical methods to measure hemolysis.  

Students will have the opportunity to develop abstract presentations and gain authorship on research papers with active participation.  

Please contact Dr. Remy at if interested.