Summer Research with WashU Statistics and Data Science

2024 SDS Summer Research Program

The newly formed Department of Statistics and Data Science ( will sponsor a funded summer program for undergraduate research. The program will be co-sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research (

The program is aimed at sophomore and junior majors in Statistics and Data Science, but other closely related areas may also be considered. Ideally, applicants would have taken some lower-level statistics courses such as 3200, 493, 494 (or 3211/4211), or 439. 

Students will be paired with current SDS faculty. The expected duration is 8 weeks. It is recommended (but not required) that you have some idea about your research interests. To find more information about the research profile of current SDS faculty visit and their website.

Requirements for Application:

  1. Updated Resume.
  2. (Unofficial) Transcript.
  3. A short (< 1 page) letter of intent addressing your research interests, expectations from participating in an SDS undergraduate research program, and why you think you are the right candidate for such a program. If you would like to work with some specific faculties, indicate this in your letter.
  4. (optional) A letter or email copy from a faculty who had agreed to work with you in a summer research project. 

These materials should be sent via email to Dr. Figueroa-Lopez at with the subject "2024 SDS Summer Research". 

Applications are due March 15 with awards announced by late March. 

Being sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research, students who receive the award become part of an engaged, cross-disciplinary summer undergraduate research community. Awardees should actively participate in this community, including attending a required research ethics workshop, giving a lightning talk on their project, and submitting mid- and end-of-award reports. Students are also expected to present their work at the WUSTL Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium in the semester following receipt of the award.