Celebration of Undergraduate Research

Spring 2022

The Office of Undergraduate Research is once again excited to host a Celebration of Undergraduate Research at WashU this spring.

This year's Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium, which serves as a venue for students to present their research to the greater WashU community, will be held in a virtual format and kick off April 20. Each year the Spring Symposium highlights the diverse range of impressive research projects completed by WashU undergraduates, including Senior researchers completing theses, capstones, and other culminating projects. See a full list of this year's presenters here

We hope that you are able to “stop by” the virtual event to support the students. The community’s participation means a great deal to them, and this year it will look like posting comments and questions on students’ pre-recorded poster presentations and talks. Also, many students are hosting Zoom Q&A sessions. Find the session time and link on the student's presentation page.

To participate, go to the Spring Celebration of Undergraduate Research Welcome Page using the link below.

  • The Presentations tab is home to students’ pre-recorded posters, talks, exhibits, and performances. You may filter by subject area or by whether a student is hosting a Zoom Q&A. You can also search by presenters' names or poster titles. 
  • Click on the Sign in tab on the upper right to create an account. Anyone can view the posters, but you will be asked to create a ForagerOne Symposium account in order to comment on posters. You must use an approved @wustl.edu email address to create your account.


Browse nearly 180 students’ poster presentations and talks completed by WashU undergraduates and mentored by WashU faculty.

Join the Event

The Symposium is running concurrently with Departmental events featuring undergraduate research. We are particularly excited to join Departments in congratulating Senior researchers completing theses, capstones, and other culminating projects. Check out upcoming events: 

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