Summer Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) Mentor Nomination and Statement of Acceptance

Due March 1

Thank you for agreeing to mentor the research project of a Washington University undergraduate. The supervision, advice and direction provided by faculty are crucial to the success of the student’s work. We expect the production of the nomination packet to be a collaborative effort between you and the student, with the student completing the majority of the work. This expectation has also been communicated to the student.

A complete SURA nomination includes:
1. Submission form (completed by the student)
2. Research Proposal (4-5 pages, double-spaced, prepared by the student with your input and final approval)
3. For research necessitating travel, a proposed budget (please review and approve this budget)
4. Mentor nomination and statement of acceptance form
5. Letter of nomination.

The expectations for students receiving an Undergraduate Research Award include participating in the undergraduate research symposium in the Fall semester, submission of an end-of-award report with your signature, and approval from the University's Human Research Protection Office (HRPO) for any research project requiring such review. Thank you for reviewing these expectations with the student before completing this nomination process.

Faculty may nominate more than one student mentee for a SURA, however we may not have the funds to fully support more than one researcher and may require some mentor and/or department contribution to the total award. Students who are working full-time on a research project for ten weeks or more and who are not traveling will receive an award amount of $4,000. Students whose research will be completed in less than 10 weeks and who are not traveling may receive an award up to a maximum of $2500. For research requiring travel and/or fieldwork, the maximum award amount is $4,000 and is based on the submission of an itemized budget, rather than the length of the proposed study.

We hope that you have a very positive experience working with the student you have nominated for this award, and we look forward to working with you. Please direct all questions to the OUR at or (314) 935-7494. Thank you again for your commitment to undergraduate research and for nominating this student.

Letter of Nomination

In your letter, please address:

  • the importance of the research experience to the student’s development
  • the feasibility of the proposed project within the project period (all proposed research should be completed by the first day of classes in August) and its contribution to the discipline
  • approval of the proposed budget (if applicable)
  • comments related to the student’s ability to complete the research
  • any issues related to intellectual property rights and publication you foresee (if applicable).

Statement of Acceptance

I hereby nominate the student named above for an Undergraduate Research Award. I have discussed a research opportunity with the Washington University student named, and I have agreed with the student on the proposed subject and approach of the research project. I will be available and provide appropriate and sufficient supervision and resources to the student throughout the proposed period of the research project, falling between May 14 - August 27, 2021.

I will review the student's work at the conclusion of the summer research project and review the student's end-of-award report to be submitted by the first day of fall classes. The student and I understand that this work will be presented in oral or poster form at an Undergraduate Research Symposium, summarized in the Symposium program, and may be published in the Washington University Undergraduate Research Digest (WUURD). I will discuss any concerns regarding dissemination of unpublished data and/or results with the student prior to the Symposium.