Summer Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) Submission Form

SURA Deadline: March 1 at 5:00 PM

If your research is being conducted in any discipline within the life sciences (Biology, Biomedical Engineering, at the Washington University Medical School, etc), with the exception of biodiversity-related research, you must submit an application for a Biology Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (BioSURF).  You are not eligible for a SURA.  If you are conducting biodiversity-related research, you may be nominated for a Living Earth Collaborative SURA.  If you are unsure whether to apply for the BioSURF program or be nominated for a SURA, contact

Personal Information
If you have not yet declared a major please enter N/A.
I wish to be considered for:
We understand that many research projects are interdisciplinary. Please list the field(s) that best describe your research project.
Please provide a brief summary (no more than 200 words) of your proposed research project.
You do not need to provide exact dates at this time, but please provide approximate dates within the SURA Program period of May 14 - August 27.
You do not need to have already received IRB approval in order to submit a SURA application, but please describe plans for your project's human subjects research approval. Will you be applying for IRB approval yourself? Will you be working under your mentor's preexisting IRB?
Please note, if you are simply traveling between WU and home please select No. Select Yes if you are traveling to a non-home state or country to conduct your research.
Travel Information
FOR SUMMER 2021: Owing to COVID-19, please provide a detailed description of your research plans if conditions require a return to fully remote research. Please develop this plan with your research mentor and make sure that they approve your alternate research plan. We want to insure that students will be able to have a productive summer research experience, even if travel is not feasible, physical presence in a lab or office space is not possible, or social-distancing is necessary for community safety.

Files to upload

Please upload the following in PDF format and the file should be named StudentLastname_Proposal.

  1. Proposal
    4-5 pages, double-spaced, to be developed in collaboration with your mentor
  2. Itemized budget and budget narrative
    Required for all awards that involve travel. Justify your expenses, including efforts to save costs. A SURA will cover costs up to a miximum of $4,000. See Creating a Budget for more information.

By submitting this nomination, I certify the following:

  • The answers and statements contained in this submission are true to the best of my knowledge.  I also certify that this submission, including any short answers and essays, is my own work.
  • I understand that if I accept an award from the Office of Undergraduate Research, I have agreed to:
    • Present my work at the undergraduate research symposium in the semester following receipt of the award.

    • Submit an end-of-award report upon completion of the summer research experience.

    • For research activities involving human subjects, seek and receive approval from the University's Human Research Protection Office.

    • Not ENROLL or TA in any class during the time of their research and not engage in any outside employment during that period.

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