Summer Research Opportunity for Undergraduates Interested in Medicine or Neuroscience

Two ideal short term projects for students interested in medicine or neuroscience research

New rodent models of cerebral palsy (a permanent problem with movement after a brain injury around the time of birth) are being developed by Dr. Aravamuthan, who has recently returned to WashU after four years at Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School. 

These models require behavioral and electrophysiologic characterization. Two manuscripts on this work are in preparation but require additional data analysis for completion. 

Ideal candidates should be able to meet with Dr. Aravamuthan 1-2 times weekly to train and subsequently review data analysis progress. It is anticipated that these projects can be completed within weeks and will yield authorship on manuscripts that will be written up shortly after. No prior research experience is necessary, but candidates should be highly motivated and interested in the subject matter.

Interested candidates should contact Dr. Bhooma Aravamuthan at