Research Opportunity for Undergrads in Biomedical Research Lab

The Alexander-Brett Lab is seeking undergraduates to join its research team for the 2018-2019 school year. Dr. Jen Alexander-Brett is a physician-scientist researcher and clinician doing basic translational research. She and her team study pulmonary disease using a host of techniques from basic biochemistry, cell biology, animal models and human studies. 

We are interested in cytokine networks and epithelial stem cell biology in chronic lung diseases. Please contact us by email to inquire about this position. All applicants will be considered but prior lab experience and interest in a long-term commitment will take priority. 

Please answer the following questions in your email inquiry:

  • What specifically interests you about this lab?

  • Do you have any prior research experience?

  • What is your interest/availability during the school year to participate in research (i.e., days and hours per week)?

  • In what capacity do you want to perform research (i.e., credit, paid position, work study, etc.)?

  • What do you anticipate your summer plans will be next year?