Research Spotlight: Anneliese Ceisel

In honor of National Undergraduate Research Week, the Office of Undergraduate Research is excited to feature a series of unique research experiences from just a few of our many WashU undergraduates engaged in research. 

Name: Annelise Ceisel



Graduation Year: 2021

Majors: Biology (Computational and Genomics Track), Spanish

Research Funding: uSTAR Summer Scholars Program

How has your research experience impacted you?

My summer research experience verified for me that I would like to pursue research full-time post-graduation. The structure of the uSTAR program helped open my eyes to the different pathways within biological research. It helped me network, not only amongst my peers—with whom I developed a strong friendship—but also amongst other WashU researchers and PIs.

What have you learned from your research experience?

I learned so much during my summer research experience. Between learning general techniques in the lab, different pathways and topics of research in our uSTAR program meetings, and developing networking skills, I have gathered enough skill to advance my career to the next level, where I can continue to learn.

"The biggest impact my research had for me was that it gave me the confidence and comfort to try something I had never experienced before because I was afraid to try."