Research opportunity in WashU's Laboratory for Child Brain Development

WashU's Laboratory for Child Brain Development is interested in recruiting undergraduate research assistants. RAs will engage in any of the following activities based on personal interests as well as the overall needs of the laboratory: behavioral coding of recorded interactions, questionnaire data entry, MRI data preprocessing, and recruitment. 

Research assistants experience a wide range of topics including child, emotional, and cognitive development, precursors to psychopathology, parent-child relationships, neuroimaging, and more. 

All undergraduate RAs assist with running sessions (data collection) as well as general lab upkeep including sanitizing toys and equipment. Because training is extensive, the lab requires a minimum 1-year (2 semester) commitment for all undergraduates, at 10 hours per semester. Since the lab works with families with young children, we also ask RAs to assist with weekend sessions. Additionally, experience interacting with young children in any capacity is required. 

Interested applicants should complete this form. Contact Amanda, lab coordinator, via email at with any questions.